Check out the first episode of Sebi Geiger and his homies' new web series, Different Direction. If you wanna know the 101 on this project, check the interview we did with Sebi when they dropped the teaser.

For this first episode of Different Direction we went down to a little town in Italy, where we luckily found a few creative obstacles to ride and finally: SNOW. Our featured guest rider for this clip was Simon Pircher. His personality is awesome and it was really cool to hang out with him and spend some riding time together. After finishing our work down there, we went back to Innsbruck on the 28th of November for Sebi's birthday. It was a crazy party night with friends and a "happy ending" for the first episode.

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Sound: Dj Flip & Freezemaster Sick - Crossroads Mix

Produced: Nise

Filmed: Sebastian Madlener, Balint Hambalko, Alexander Stark

Sponsors: Ride Snowboards, 686 clothing, Sajas Snowshop