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The Diaries Downunder crew take a different look at the hectic riding at the recent Burton High Fives at Snowpark NZ, and then things get even more out of hand on a gap to down bar. One-foots, frontflips and backside rodeos on. Woo-haa!

Burton High Fives brings top level international riders to Snow Park, New Zealand to take part in insane activities and a contest format that would be hard to mimic in any other part of the world. Hectic car driving, shooting, knife throwing, buggy driving and jet boating combine with one of the most progressive competitions ever. Mark McMorris attempts the world's first slopestyle triple cork, Stale Sandbech lands a 1440 and Mikkel Bang still puts style first. A must -see!

A big gap to rail then awaits us at Cardrona, built especially for DDU. The aim was to test what exactly is possible when you have an amazing 20 foot jump onto a 30 foot rail. Flips, spins and another crazy episode of Diaries Downunder for you!