Those Diaries Downunder dudes that speak with funny accents are back, and have been hosting some international snowboard competitions in their backyards including the Winter Games in Cardrona.

Sadly, the men's comp was cancelled thanks to some crappy weather but that only meant that riders like the UK's Billy Morgan had more time to explore other ways of keeping that adrenaline flowing thick 'n' fast.

Those other ways included (but probably weren't limited to): attempting to break the Canyon Swing backflip record, doing the canyon swing on a tricycle, trampolining in a suit and top hat and squirting lemon in your eyes.

The guys also catch up with the Japanese Hywod crew which includes Keji Okamoto, Yuki Kadono and Tatsuki Inamura. Their names are hard to pronounce but they're easy to watch snowboard.