Russian rail ripper Denis Leontyev is so tech on the jibs, we honestly can't be bothered to slo-mo the tricks to break it down and be able to give them names. Check out this clip from the recent Burton Spindl Spring Sessions 2011 in Czech Republic. Mind blowing.

Snowboarding has been taking not of this Russian dome kid since he slayed the competition at the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle in Finland. Seemingly out of nowhere, the gnome-like Forum rider blew minds with his retarded precision, spinning on and off rails like it was a video game.

He's been putting it about in Europe more this season, hitting up the Air&Style Munich's jib setup, the Ride Shakedown Europe and Head's recent Jib Factory. He also headed east to Burton Spindl Spring Sessions 2011 in Czech Republic, where this clip was shot.

Really, this is pretty funny. The first couple runs it's like, "Wow, it looks like me riding. Badly." With his distinctive style of low-slung pants and XXXL jacket, we were reminded a little of Eero Ettala's Sumo Shred skit as he's minishredding. But then he hits the jib section with results that will melt your mind. Check it.