We've waxed lyrical enough times about how rad the French-Canadian Deja Vu movie is going to be when it drops this autumn, so we'll shut up and let you just enjoy the second of their entertaining slams edits entitled Whoops 2. If you missed it, you can watch Whoops 1 for more fun, and then have your mind blown by checking the Deja Vu teaser they dropped a few months back. Banging.

The Deja Vu crew are back with another helping of slams and candid moments while filming for the Deja Vu Movie! LNP turns a broken board into a snow skate while Will Lavigne, Alex Cantin and Ben Bilocq barely hold it together jibbing walls, trees and rails. The crew also hang with a big fan in the park offering him a chance to shred one of their boards. How's that layback!?