Louif Paradis, Will Lavigne, LNP, Nic Sauve, Ben Bilocq... these dudes and the rest of their Quebec crew blew the doors off when they came on the scene, and now they're back under one movie banner and it's looking AWESOME.

There's little doubt that this crew of riders from Quebec had a massive impact on the evolution of urban shredding when they started getting attention in the mid-2000s. Now, after their career paths have taken them on many roads they're back together shooting for a movie they call Deja Vu, and this third 'prologue' is part history of the riders, part documentary of their first few reunion sessions filming for the movie that'll drop fall 2013 - and will make you shake.

Riders: Will Lavigne, Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Alex Cantin, Ben Bilocq, Nic Sauve, Louif Paradis, Frank April