Peep 3 mins 14 secs of the Deeluxe team getting wicked. Sick riding from Marco Feichtner, TJ Schneider, Dan Brisse, Xavier De Le Rue, and more.

Some of this you may have seen, some of this you may not have, but if Deeluxe wanted us to watch this and think "Darn, the Deeluxe team rips," then they can sleep safe in the knowledge that they have suceeded admirably.

This is what they say, and they deserve extra kudos for using the term 'safety meetings'. These are very important.

One year of developments and innovations, travels, safety meetings, kickers, rails, gnarly lines and most important a lot of fun!

Marco Feichtner, Dan Brisse, Xavier de Le Rue, Elias Elhardt, TJ Schneider, Aline Bock, René Schnöller, Sebi Müller, Tadej Valentan.

Here is the 2011 Deeluxe Team clip.