Erin Hogue is a Canadian photographer based out of the powdery mecca that is Whistler Blackcomb. She's been honing her skills in B.C, for a while now and her shots have graced many a magazine cover, double-page spread and bedroom wall across the world.

Andrew Geeves
Whistler Backcountry
Erin Hogue

As part of the The Creator Class, which is a YouTube channel that highlights the new breed of creatives in music, fashion, adventure, art and culture; Erin's got a lovely wee video investigating what it takes to be an action sports snapper.

It hasn't been an overnight journey into the world of photography for Erin though - she first took up photography after stumbling across her Dad's old camera at their home in the suburbs of Toronto.


Having studied at Ryerson University for a BFA in photography, Erin took off into the wide, wide world; she now resides in Whistler, enjoying the best of life's perks.

The Creative Class episode is a solid glimpse into the life of the action sports media massive - if you've got hopes and dreams of joining the illustrious ranks of snowboard media, this is recommended watching.

You can check out more of Erin's stuff on her Instagram.