The KBR Productions crew got all up in Antti Jussila's face for a day of end-of-season session in Finland. Have a peek.

After a few fun laps through the park with Sami Luhtanen and Niko Lansiö, Antti and Toni Kerkelä hit up the last rail spot of the season.

Filmed, edited and cut by Mikko Suomalainen.

Motion graphics by Eesu Lehtola.

In association with Battery Energy Drink, Iso-Syöte, K2, Rip Curl, Dc, Nidecker, Dakine,,, Onboard Magazine, Slammer Magazine and Snowextreme Magazine.

Riders: Antti Jussila, Toni Kerkelä, Sami Luhtanen & Niko Länsiö.