As he's done for countless years before, Slovenian rider Ziga Rakovec recently hit up the notorious summer hotspot of Dachstein. Unknowingly it was to be his last of many sessions there, as shortly after filming this it was announced that the Superpark Dachstein would close its doors due to 'increasing glacial retreat in the park area.'

"My filmer Denis Janezic and I made an full part from Dachstein without prior knowledge its going to be our last edit from this magnificent place," says Ziga.

So it appears that the long days shredding Dachstein glacier and spending afternoons and evenings camping out in the valley, a staple ingredient of many Euro snowboarders' summer schedules, are no more. With glaciers around the world continuing to retreat, it's hard not to think that this – and the recent news about Camp of Champions in Whistlers being shuttered for similar reasons – is the beginning of the end of summer glacier snowboarding as we know it.

Here's the official word from the park crew...