From WYPY facebook page: 'WYPY. Otherwise known as the Wyoming Pythons. We got a passion for slashin' and a yearning for turning. Blackflips are mandatory and tomahawks are encouraged.'

This edit is way too much fun! By the end we were shedding tears of joy and jealousy at once. The Wyoming boys got themselves a nice crew and they are having a blast up on the mountain. Hopefully we will get more edits like this in the future. Watch it and call your homies to tell them you are going snowboarding this weekend.

'Behold! The latest WYPY performance piece. With the opening of the infamous "Big Red" tram, the pythons wasted no time painting the slopes red with snake blood. Temps soared as high as 3 degrees and in order to keep cool, the boys hucked a wide array of arial maneuvers directly under the lifts. Famous boarders such as Mark Carter, living legends like Bryan Iguchi, and slightly well known camera men like Richard Goodwin were all seen flying the WYPY flag this weekend. So crank that noise nob to 11, press your nose to your touchscreen, and prepare yourselves for the most exciting cinematic experience you will have in the next 3 minutes.' - WYPY

Riders: Jack Hessler, John Rodosky, Cam Fitzpatrick, Mark Carter, Wade Dunstan, Rich Goodwin, and Bryan Iguchi.

Edited by David Cleeland and Wade Dunstan