We're pretty confused right now. In the past, if you'd suggested a day shredding in ski boots - we probably would have answered with a huge HELL NO - after all what could possibly be good about that? We had hard boots once upon a time, and most of us are pretty happy to see the back of them!

But after this WYPY vid (a follow up to their super fun 'Big Red' opening edit) we're not so sure. Maybe it's the Syrian soundtrack by Omar Souleyman (and the fact that the man himself can be regularly spotted in the edit) - or, more likely, the fact that the Pythons just look like they're having such a good time. Either way, they've got us half convinced that having painful feet and a super-old school stance could actually be fun.

You never know - if this takes off again, we could even see more of that crazy Russian carving around in the future. What do you reckon?