The WOP crew killed it at the Onboard Send Off Session. Their edit from the week in Levi, Finland combines innovative lines, hammer rail and kicker tricks, and cinematography harkening back to legendary old skate movies. Check it!

Finnish WOP crew came out guns blazing at the Onboard Send Off Session in Levi, bringing together three super talented riders (Sami Luhtanen, Ville Paumola and Jeppe Rontti) to the many features we had littered across the resort.

Sami Luhtanen bagged a whole heap of shots, whether it was gapping off the container feature to flat, finding new lines, or popping monster ollies off the flat, he was riding like an over-excited puppy let off the leash.

We're really digging the overall vibe of this one, with a laid-back folk song and video footage that harkens back to the old VHS 4:3 aspect ratio skate movies that so many of us grew up watching.

Riders: Sami Luhtanen, Ville Paumola, Jeppe Rontti

Film/Edit: Tobias Tianien

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