In the face of adversity, or the lack of any other snowboarding videos on the internet, we can always rely on Norway for a supply of talented riders whose names we can't pronounce that ride better than us. It's the third coming of the WolfBoy-Zing crew here on Onboard, and third time is indeed a charm.

Featuring the omnipotent powers of Øivind Fykse on a snowboard, he brings a day of reckoning to Oslo's local spot. Despite the thoughts of one gentleman on our Facebook the other week, we're of the belief that Øivind is the owner of one of the freshest styles in the game right now. As comfortable as sending mammoth gaps as he is keeping it tech with his board locked onto the rails.

Jørn Simen Aabøe, also takes to the stage for his own person brand of invert madness. Jorn was with us for the Onboard Send Off Session in Finland the other week and we were impressed by his tall man ability to wildcat, tamedog and rodeo off anything with a lip.

Also featuring Marius Smith, Pål Jefen Brekka, Odd Jortveit, Johan Selmar, William Navarro and Markus Olimstad, tearing up Tryvann.

It's hard being a hustler in Norway.