WolfBoy-ZING is a project coming from our favourite way that is north AKA Norway. Apart from hands down having the best logo of a crew we've seen this season, it features some of the most underrated riders in the scandic regions in a variety of cold and expensive places.

As with all Norwegian edits, it's mind blowing just how many good riders there are. We think the formulaic equation for how may good snowboarders there are in Norway is n+1, it's just getting a little silly now really.

Featuring Markus Olimstad, Pål-Fredrik Brekka, Ole Christian Hagen, Henning Abrahamsen, Odd Martin Jordtveit, Johan Brommeland Selmar, Marius Smith, Jørn Simen Aabøe, Mats Tambini and Odd Roar Solerød; they give the WolfBoy treatment to a variety of different Scandic shredspots.