WolfBoy-Zing return for the fourth and final time this season, with some of their spring highlights. With one of their men nursing an injury; Marius Smith, is on duty wielding the lens (maybe he caught the WolfBoy-Zing?) alongside Sigurd Vaagland, for one of the trippier edits of the season. Better than the usual slow-motion self-flagellation we're subjected to in our opinion.

Øivind Fykse continues his run of contorting his body into 270-outs, shifty-ons and the usual mid-air wizardry we've come to expect from the 'wegian up-and-comer. Arguably, you could say that the 2014/15 season was the year of Øivind bearing in mind how much we've covered him this season.

Joined in a flurry of todeos, gap to backside lipslides and the usual mini-shred madness by Pål Jefen Brekka, Petter Grøn and Johan Selmar, WBZ see off the season with a definitive Scanner noir. More of an 80's style noir though.