More surfing the white wave from the Warp Wave posse, this time coming to you live from the stage of Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe. The Warp Wave edits have become a firm favourite due to the growing interest in the good ol' days of snowboarding when turns were turns and corks were things you popped outta wine bottles.

If there's one thing to be sure of, it's that the 'fly fishing' look is well and truly in. Pioneered by riders like Danny Davis, Max Büri, Ben Ferguson and many others; the overall style is here to stay. That said, overalls are pretty damn nifty for ensuring a lack of snow down your nether regions.

Anyway, we digress. This is a snowboard website, not a fashion website after all. There's some pretty sweet turning and burning from the crew - it looks like there's some super fun terrain to be tackled at Squaw.

From the Warp Wave crew themselves:

Nothing can stop you when you're Hot Boy'n- trees, skiers, moguls; it's all fair game. Hop aboard and hold on for your life, you're in for a wild ride!

An afternoon Hot Boy'n at Squaw Valley, USA with Gray Thompson, Eric Messier, Tim Eddy, Tucker Andrews, Taylor Carlton, Hannah Fuller, Alex Horgan and Chris Emmington.