Our favourite weirdos out of Tahoe have just dropped a fresh edit and it's predictably amazing: pure, unadulterated soul turns deep in the Tahoe backcountry. The guys definitely found their barren bliss.

With their latest edit, the cool cats at Warp Wave have gone and made us wish we did more with our lives. Going on adventures rule, especially when you're doing it with your homies and are able to score turns as good as these. Watch it, and see if it makes you feel the same way.

BARREN BLISS; a search for desert waves. Eric, Gray and Curtis head east out of Tahoe into the unknown. With an appetite for adventure and a desire for rad times, watch as they find fulfillment in this high desert gem. With enough supplies to spend a few nights camping in the mountains and a bounty of powder that would keep even Scarface satisfied, they found their barren bliss.