If you're one of those people who crave edits filled to the lid with the deepest, sweetest European pow, you've arrived at the right place. This new Volcom edit with Markus Keller and DBK is nothing short of epic.

The season last winter in the Northern Alps was at the best of times, pretty dire. Luckily, Markus Keller and DBK know how to do their homework, and migrated south like a flock of migratory swallows to feast on the good stuff.

What they happened upon were the very best conditions the Alps had to offer last season, with a snow pack that was up to 5m deep in places. Once there, the pair proceeded to lay the underlying terrain to waste, with powder butters, double corks and much much more.

If there's one edit you watch for your powder fix today, make it this one.

Last winter in the northern alps was a sad story indeed. Man made snow at best. However, those with minimum insight into meteorology & history did not despair.. All you had to do was follow the path of Hannibal when crossing the alps, and voilĂ , you were rewarded with a snow pack up to 5 meters deep. Volcom riders DBK (aka Danger Dave/David Bertschinger Karg) and Markus Keller from Switzerland always do their homework, thus not only did they escape the crowds, but scored epic powder days week after week.

Here's a little insight into a hard day at work from last Jan/Feb. If riding powder is your path AND destination, then Volcom's Guide Proven Technology gear is just what you need. Dave and Markus refuse to wear anything else. Product worn by the boys in this edit can be seen here: