Vans have been out recruiting! Check the new edit from Vans to announce the addition of talented rail grafters Dillon Ojo, Dan Liedahl, Sam Taxwood and Mike Ravelson to the team.

Dillon Ojo and Danimals are on a roll right now, after being snapped up on the newly conceived Ride global am team. Joined by Sam Taxwood and Mike Rav, these four dudes are at the very forefront of urban snowboarding.

They're a logical fit for the Vans team, and bring a huge breadth and depth of street snowboarding to an already stacked roster. Check out the welcome edit above, shot in the cold streets of Eastern Canada, and you'll see exactly what we mean.

From gnarly kink rails to their creative approach to riding street rails, we're looking forward to seeing more from these supremely talented up and comers over the coming seasons.

From Vans: Welcoming the next generation of riders, Vans is proud to announce the newest additions to the family, Dillon Ojo, Dan Liedahl, Sam Taxwood and Mike Ravelson. Each one of these youthful individuals brings their own creative take on snowboarding, watch them take over the streets on a month long trip to eastern Canada. Welcome to the team.