The Vans Snow team were out in full force up at Mt. Hood this summer and have dropped this new edit featuring their US team getting wild in the slush! Mathes, Kuzyk, Marben, Moore and Ravelson crushing it!

Although summer is definitely behind us now (at least here in Munich anyways), there's still plenty of time to reminisce about the good times that were had up at Mt. Hood while we wait for the glaciers to open up for pre-season snowboarding.

The Vans Snow team hit up hood and put together this fun little edit from their trip. From Mike Rav's unusual take on features to Jake Kuzyk's calculated precision on rails to Darrell Mathes' sick style, there's some great snowboarding in this one and a laid back vibe that has us pining for one last slush spray before winter begins to close in on us.

Hit play above and remember the good times!

Keeping up with a tradition that goes way back to snowboarding's genesis, the Vans crew made the best of summer's days at High Cascade Snowboard Camp in Mt. Hood. Watch Darrell Mathes, Jake Kuzyk, Zac Marben, Pat Moore and Mike Ravelson bring fun to a whole new level as they conquer slushy slashes, airtime and rail trickery at this snowboarder's paradise!‚Äč