We have to say, Perisher looked like the place to be in the summer hemisphere this year! Check this new Boardworld edit featuring some international level riders as well as a few local Aussie homies.

The Perisher edits are still dropping daily and to be fair we're glad that something has stepped up to fill the vacuous Mt. Hood void and to help tie us over until the snow starts to fall in Europe again.

The lads at Olliepop Films came back from a summer break in Whistler to check out the hype surrounding Perisher's Front Valley Park... and boy were they stoked! Hot-lapping t-bars, perfectly maintained jumps including a right to left transfer jump and a sick line of rails along the side... BOOM!

This latest Boardworld edit dropped onto our virtual desktops this morning and is well worth checking out. Hit that play button above for some solid stunts from the likes of Max Parrot and Darcy Sharpe, plus a few more and lesser know Aussies such as Jye Kearney, Charles Beckinsale and Sam "Reddog" Neumann.

There's an awesome line featuring Max and Jye, with the two riders interlacing and alternating between the various features during one top to bottom run as well as a massive backside 1440 triple-ish cork from Max. Pretty insane on a jump that looked a little on the small side for such a big trick.

Featured riders: Jye Kearney, Sam "Reddog" Neumann, Charles Beckinsale, Tim Laidlaw, Tyler Nicholson, Darcy Sharpe, Mikey Ciccarelli and Maxence Parrot.