Peep this rad new dryslope edit from the U.S of A featuring a whole load of decent tricks and creative lines - and all without a flake of real snow!

Earlier this week we posted an edit of Jason Anderson throwing down at quite frankly awesome looking dryslope in Virginia. Loads of you thought it looked like a fun time and this morning we opened up our email to another edit from the slope, also featuring (cue Matrix bad guy voice...) Mr. Anderson.

While the features hit in this one aren't perhaps as creative as in Jason's part, there are plenty of solid tricks and creative lines to ogle as well. We were particularly hyped to see that they've even got a butter box style feature in the setup which looks like a lot of fun to ride.

Check out the edit and let us know if you know of any other sick dryslope setups around the world.

Featured riders: Jason Anderson, Matt (Cash Monet) Angell, Tristian Sadler, Dan (LAX4LIFE) Agre, Alex Budnik, Treichelberger.