Now that the glacier season is over, and the temperature is above -40 including wind-chill - the Norwegians have all flown North to colder temperatures in some sort of confused reverse bird migration. Tryvann is the mountain nestled to the North of Oslo where many a snuss loving Scandi can get the laps in up until 22:00 each night.

Markus Storsveen, Henning Andersen and Markus Rustad get the chilli sauce laps in up at Tryvann for some black and white loving. Maybe Norway really is that dark all the time in winter?

Anyway, we digress. This might not be the gnarliest riding, or the most tech shredding this side of the Arctic Circle, but it proves you don't need a trick bag the size of Santa's sack to have fun on the mountain.

We'd also like to officially call the layback at 00:45 the dead man's drag. Ice burns on the face for days....