Traktor-Brød is a beautifully shot two-part showcase of snowboarding in Norway and featuring some super talented riders including Terje Haakonsen, Len Jørgensen, Jonas Steen and more.

In a day and age where multiple park edits drop daily and triple corks are being stomped as if they were 720s, edits that take a step back and focus on the style and beauty of what we do are always appreciated.

Traktor-Brød, a two-part series showcasing snowboarding in Norway, does exactly that, avoiding the trick-heavy approach and instead focusing on style within riding, as well as the stunning landscapes that surround the locales featured.

Part 1 takes place in the the snowpark of Vierli over the long winter of 2013/14, on park features by Emil Fossheim/Mushroom Crew and featured riders (in order of appearance) Len Roald Jørgensen, Terje Håkonsen, Øivind Fykse, Mats Hofgaard, Jonas Steen and Odd Roar Solerød.

It's a beautifully shot edit equally packed with nature porn as it is banger snowboarding, and it was an amazing way to start this Friday morning. Part 2 is dropping soon and will bring summer snowboarding on the slush of Folgefonna glacier to our screens. We can't wait.

Traktor-Brød is brought to you by Pilchard Productions.