Jeff Hopkins continues his strive for European dominance after the 'One Jump' session with Ståle Sandbech and Alek Østreng, but this time he's teamed up with Finnish tube slayer Toni Kerkelä, for some glacier action upon Kaunertal.

Toni has a busy few weeks coming up with parts in Tikut's 'BEHHENBAHHER', 32's '2032', and potentially a little cameo in Eero Ettala's 'ENDER', as well. It's not hard to see why Toni stacks up the parts once you watch him ride though, it's such refined snowboarding; every nosebone, tweak and ollie clinical in precision.

Jeff's sort of been on the edge of out radar for a while now; he's popped up in the old 'Rome 12 Months' series from a few seasons back, as well as appearing in a roster of Windells edits. Only really since the 'One Jump' edit and now this, have we seen him take the spotlight.'s to hoping we see him in a few more as well.