Here's a quick throwback Trollhaugen edit, featuring a bunch of kids you've never heard of straight bossing it.

Trollhaugen and the Minnesota/Wisconsin region in general has long been a real melting pot for progressive rail riding. With kids like Ethan Deiss cutting their teeth on the very same rope tow and long-ass rails that litter the Troll park, it's not difficult to see why kids coming out of the area always seem to get so damn good.

This edit was put together for "Reminiscing on the good times back on the 'haugen", and features a whole load of riders straight killing the rails and jumps. From super tech pretzel tricks, to big gaps on the kink rails, there is some seriously a-grade snowboarding here. We wouldn't be surprised if we'll be hearing a lot more from a couple of these kids in the future.

Featuring: Logan Herber, Colin Wilson, kayli Hendricks, Calvin Green, Tony Wagner, Tanner Burch, Jake Aldridge, Trevor Cowen, Jeffy Gabrick, David Murphy, Nick Irwin, Luke Zajac, Sam Schiltgen, Benny Milam, Tony Reamer, Grady Tank, Kyle Kennedy, Mike Skiba.

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