The Think Thank crew rule. Watch the creative madness that went down when they were give free reign over the features at Summit At Snoqualmie!

Think Thank are releasing not just one, but two full movies this winter in the form of the more straightforward and traditional part-based movie, Almanac, as well as "Right Turn Left Turn" - a 'deconstructed snowboard video examining the simple pleasures of the shred experience'.

Last April, the whole Think Thank crew gathered at Summit At Snoqualmie for a three day session of creativity, flow and progression. Given free reign over the features and snow shapers, the crew assembled a creative mess of awesomeness, featuring multiple tranny options, gas pipes, and innovative rail lines.

Watch what went down in the full section from 'Right Turn Left Turn', creatively chopped together with an Original score by Alaskan long time snowboarder and Think Thank musical contributor Robi Gonzalez. There's some sick shit in this one.

Featured riders: Max Warbington, Frederik Perry, Jesse Burtner, Chris Beresford and Chris Larson.

You can pick up a copy of 'Right Turn Left Turn' on iTunes here.