Watch a bunch of Deeluxe team riders have a sick time pumping trannys and doing lip tricks in and around Kaunertal's infamous mini ramp. This session looked like too much fun.

The dudes over at Deeluxe were on their way up to the Kaunertal glacier when they found out that they couldn't get up thanks to an avalanche across the road. Rather than going home to play xbox and smoke a joint, the guys whipped out their shovels and built one of the sickest D.I.Y rhythm sections we've ever seen.

THIS is snowboarding right here.

"Settle down at rhythmic paradise"

We have been on the way up to Kaunertal glacier. As the snow was melting, avalanches blocked our way.

We had to stay in the valley. We parked our RV next to the snow-covered mini ramp. As we could not skate it as deep frozen as it was, we decided to prepare it for snowboarding. Rhythmic paradise was made shoveling, step by step.

Kaunertal Austria.

Riding by:

Sebi Mueller

Gerald Fuchs

Hiromi Takahashi

Yusaku Horii

Mary Luggen

Alex Fischer

Filmed & Edited by:

Peter Rossner