Seth Hill and a few of his buddies set out on a mission to make the most of the post-season snow in Colorado. The result? One furious rhythm section in the trees that definitely took no prisoners!

Some of the best times you have on your snowboard are the occasions where you go out and make something out of nothing. Seth Hill and a few homies did just that over in Colorado at the end of the season and built a super fun track in the woods complete with wood features, banked turns and some gap jumps.

In many ways, it's similar to what Kevin Backstrom, Tor Lundstrom and Max Buri built at the Onboard Send Off Session in Finland, and both share common ground in the fact that they took a whole lot of time to build, but were well worth the hard work when completed.

From Seth Hill: "In an effort to make the most of the late season and snow here in Colorado, some of us decided to spend the week building a pump track or as we called it the HellTrack. It was comprised of 3 natural wood features a couple berms and a few little gap jumps.

This was all shot on the Garmin VIRB camera mounted on the Joby Gorilla pod for all the TimeLaps shots."