Here's some more footage from the 'Hell Track' that was built out in the Colorado sidecountry this spring. BMX style jumps, log features to jib and some heavy slams!

From Will Mayo on Vimeo: Back in the 80's "Rad" showed us a gnarly course for BMX, the only problem... it was a race! Flash forward to 2015 and we find a group of friends in Colorado attempting to take the already fond idea of "BMX" style jumps in snowboarding to the next level. Watch as the crew, attempts to avoid major injuries while riding this ramped up and rather large set of jumps which are very close together. HELL TRACK LIVES!

Riders: Phil Hansen, Will Mayo, Tylor Berreth, Dillon Wilson, Ben Elliott, Adam Hohmeyer, Zach Soderholm, Chris Corning

Music: "Snake Eyes" by Mumford and Sons

filmed by: Greg Bejian, Will Mayo, Ben West, Adam Hohmeyer

edit by: Will Mayo - Shredwise Productions