Watch the Burton Knowbuddys: Burton's collection of am destroyers (mostly from the midwest), invading Superpark 18 en masse.

Somebody call the DHL man because these Knowbuddys SENT IT at Superpark.

Terrible puns aside, this latest edit in a long line of 'em from Superpark 18 is well worth your eyeballs' attentiveness.

Look out for some hammer snowboarding on Superpark's supersized kicker, hip and rail features from the likes of Ezra Racine, Ralph Kucharek, Jack Dawe, Tommy Gesme, Brady Lem, Alex Andrews, Shane Ruprecht and Michael Wick.

And be sure to keep a special eye out for Mr. Tommy Gesme too (who first shows up around the 3 minute mark), who is quickly becoming a bit of an Onboard favourite, with his lazy as they come style and unique take on snowboarding.