Off to Scandilands we now travel, avec Felix Engström, Nonne Reif, Rasmus Andersson, Erik Nylander, William Cramp, Nils Arvidsson, George Persson and Ludwig Lejkner for some rail sliding skills that'll put the fear of Thor in ya.

After their Dutch adventures last month which we hope you didn't miss, Taco team head back to their own shores to tear up Källiviken and Kläppen.

With Isenseven still on their creative pause, it's always sick to see Ludde Lejkne giving it the all in an edit. How juicy is that ender at 03:25? Doesn't seem to get airborne as he does to defy Newton's laws of physics. That's hangtime Michael Jordan could be proud of.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the full debut Taco Trip movie ‘Buffet’. You won’t regret it!