All of the 'Strangers Welcome' edits in one place!

It's pretty tricky at the best of times staying up to date on all of the snowboard edits that drop daily on the interwebs, and even we, with our single web editor and handful of Onboarding minions, sometimes miss a few gems.

Strange Brew are a crew based out on the West Coast of the United States and fronted by filmer editor Danny Kern, have been churning out solid park edits over the past couple of months under the 'Strangers Welcome' moniker.

We think they're pretty rad and thought we'd post 'em all up mega catch-up style for you to browse at your leisure. Hit the arrows on your keyboard to flick between edits and look out for dudes like Nial Romanek, Riley Nickerson, Brady Lem and many more crushing it.

Strangers Welcome Ep. 1

So it's November, and the daily average temp is between 55 and 65 yet somehow Lane and his crew of magicians manage to make enough snow to open a strip of slick stuff for some strangers to play on. So we played, we got played, and we unfortunately had to listen to the house DJ play… all day.

Strangers: Stinky Dale, Chedda Bob, Shady Brady, Wilky Boy, Mizzl, Jaspa Bub, Freddy, Armen, Dom, The Swede, Slick Rick, Pletz, Icky Ricky

Been haven' a good ol' classic bender at Boreal. Some may say that we're addicted to the place.

Riders: Riley Nickerson, Zander Blackmon, Brady Lem, Brian Wilson, Ian J Daly, Foster, Taylor Carlton, Danny Davis, Jasper Tripp, Chad Blau, John Murphy, Nial Romanek, Felix Mobarg, Keenan Cawley, Shane Sayers

I don't fucking get it. My parents forgot me. On Christmas. For the fifth year in a row. Mom and Dad wanted that real apres-ski deal so they decided that Whistler was the place to go inebriate and copulate and forget about their bastard-child. Somehow my name got swapped with another kid's on my passport and he knew not only about the name-change but my parents Whis trip as well, and wouldn't ya know, he had some Tinder fling from Whis and was trying to get there for some freaky-deaky HoHoHoliday affair and he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to see this skeezoid-plan come to fruition. I was held captive in my own damn house while this jokester impersonated me to my own blind family and the goddamn border patrol. The parents didn't notice they were toting some blazing-hormoned psycho-kid impostor until they got to the hotel, at which point he was already naked and elated, at which point I had broken my captivation.

The parents couldn't believe they forgot me.

The hoaxer couldn't believe it worked.

I couldn't believe they left me.

So I did what any sensible kid would do;

Went snowboarding with my friends.

Riders: Keenan Cawley, Jasper Tripp, Jake Casler, Brain Wilson, Riley Nickerson, Shane Sayers, Thaddeus Tolbert

Basic fucking bitches.

It's just like, dude, sometimes you don't have to give any fucks at all and something about that feels really good and hell yeah it's gonna bum some people out probably 'cause they do give fucks and nothing bums someone out harder than giving fucks about something when other people don't give any fucks 'cause then you just look like an idiot but that's what's gotta happen on account of once you realize you're an idiot then you don't give any fucks and, consequently, aren't bummed.

Fucking basic bitches.

Riders: Brady Lem, Ian Daly, Nial Romanek, Riley Nickerson, Casey Pletz, Danny Kern, Jasper Tripp, Brett Wilkinson, Keenan Cawley

Something's happening here.

Human Nature's britches have a run stemming from the upper right thigh. She clumsily snagged a branch whilst tripping through her Forest in an angelic séance.

That is the something.

What that spec of a tear provided was an opening, one which did not go unnoticed by our teased senses. Our nature beckons for discovery. Our nature draws us towards her in the tide

That is the happening.

We have surpassed visible and physical obstruction of Valhalla.

Onward we revel.

Perhaps we were the spirits She was calling upon. Perhaps She wants us.

We are in Her carriage.

If we do not return, assume the presumptions as truth.

Spirits: Ian Daly, Keenan Cawley, Danny Kern, Jake Braseth, Jackson Brown, Nate Blomquist, Ryan Murphy, Ty, Trevor Eichelberg, Lizard King.