The Strange Tapes dudes brought the fire to Boreal with Episode 7!

There are an obscene number of snowboarders in this one, but with plenty of heavy hitters like Tommy Gesme, Jordan Small, Yale Cousino, Johnny Lazz and many, many more, this was always gonna to be a sick edit.

Featuring: Jasper Tripp, Freddy McCarthy, Craig Cameron, Alex Fuzie, Casey Pletz, David Gray, McGregor Mangan, Keenan Cawley, Brett Wilkinson, Scoli Bones, Lane Knaack, Lenny Mazzotti, Matt Peterson, Brian Wilson, Ryland West, Eric Leon, Sawyer Deen, Nick and Chris Geisen, Brett Wulc, Colin Clarke, Jake Casler, Yale Cousino, Ricky Koukal, Matt Foster, Jordan Smalls, Tommy Gesme, Hunter Murphy, Johnny Lazz