The homies at Stinky Socks have assembled some of the sickest crews in the game to rep their footwarmers - Yawgoons, GBP, Strange Brew, Trash League and Ninja Squad be backing that shit. Check the edit!

"I'm super hyped that we are having the most influential crews backing us up big time," says Stinky Socks founder Hristo. "You know that we are coming out from a local crew and for sure we believe that crews are the fundamental part of snowboarding and this is the format that keep the true spirit of what the snowboarding is."

We believe that the crews are those who share the true value of snowboarding keep and it's roots strong. That's why we created our CREW Program, that is created by some of the most influential faces in snowboarding. We could not be more proud to introduce you to their line, with a signature designs by Yawgoons, GBP, Strange Brew, Trash League and Ninja Squad.

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