Check out some amazing re-edited footage from one of the finest snowboard movies to come out of the UK. Standing Sideways was a masterpiece!

10 year's ago, Damian Doyle released 'Standing Sideways' - one of the best full-length snowboard movies out of the UK ever.

To celebrate the occasion, Damian has recut together a bunch of footage from the movie with a couple of new tunes, and anyone who came up in the bustling UK dryslope snowboard scene will enjoy this one.

Standing Sideways the film is 10 years old! Our first UK snowboard movie, filmed on snowflex and indoor snow slopes, was released in 2004. To celebrate turning 10, we've dug out the harddrives and re-edited the footage adding unused shots and new music. Shot on a Digi8 handycam, the footage may be grainy but the tricks still cut it against todays riding standard.

Take a look at UK snowboard history and to watch the original full length film go to

Thanks to everyone who made the first film possible and has been involved with Standing Sideways over the past 10 years.


Libertines - The Good Old Days

Jonny Cash - Big Bad John

The Shins - We Will Become Silhouettes

Film and edit: Damian Doyle

Riders: Stu Edwards, Dom Harington, Jonny Kirkham, Jonny Russell, Tom Twelvetree, Tom Bridges, Terence Thompson, Tom Van Den Driessche, Chris Seaman, Gaz Lowe, Jamie Nicholls, Laura Berry, Mollie Boyes, Laura Hill, Steve Roche, Rick Barrow, Col Mytton, Wayne Taylor, Rob Yeomans, Mark Hartley, Glen Lawley, Jay Earles, Jimmy Kirkham, Mike Wakefield, Charlie Clark.

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