Nothing stale about this day of Saas Fee ripping with Ståle Sandbech and the boys!

Gimbal God drops another in-your-face banger of Ståle, Mark McMorris and Torgeir Bergrem going ballistic in Saas Fee's Stomping Grounds park. All filmed in one day, this shows how Ståle especially is ratcheting up his technicality as we edge ever closer to the Five-Ringed Circus this winter - some of those spins of his are hectic.

It's not all aggro, though. Amongst the bro-downs and lapping, purists will love another chance to try and figure out Torgeir Bergrem's switch back 5 Method - our new favourite trick, and probably yours too. It also must be said that as the riders start finding their groove at the apex of their abilities, so too is Mr Gimbal God: some of the shots in here he's just so damn close to the action. Props, yo!