The Russian SouthSide Rats crew cut loose in some natural terrain in the Motherland.

Our Russian sucks. But because we live in the future, here's what they said about this episode in almost English thanks to the folk in Silicon Valley!

This video does not carry any meaning, we just wanted to convey at least a piece of the emotions that experience while riding in fresh snow.

After the opening of the southern slopes of spaces for freeride increased several times! This is a completely different world with a huge amount of natural spots. 90% of the video is filmed on Yuzhke.

We have not built specifically for video spots, we just rode and kayfovat, as we do every day!


No selfipalok and video heads. We are tired of these same type of pow Edith goupro, we have in this respect his vision of shooting. Um Check Out!

The next episode soon!