The Snackbreak crew made vacay in Whistler over the holidays, and rang in 2017 with a rad roster of homies. Click play and enjoy!

This is Snackbreak's Whistler holiday.

Riders in order of appearance: Jesse Denham-Greer, Andy James, Etienne Phaneuf, Bryan Bowler, Red Dog, Måns Hedberg, Sven Thorgren, Johan Rosen, Tommi Ollikainen, Lucio Doglioni-Majer

Filmed by Johan Rosen, Tommi Ollikainen & Andy James

Edited by Tommi Ollikainen

Title animation by Johan Rosen

Additional shots: Braincage media, Sven Thorgren, Måns Hedberg, Kyler Lang

Shot entirely in Whistler, BC.

Extra special thanks to everyone who made this trip possible for us:

Bryan, Jamie, Pepe, Ines

Tina and the family + the room mates


Chris / Whistler Blackcomb