It may be a slightly unorthodox destination for a snowboard trip, but there are plenty of good times to be had on a roadtrip to the various shred spots the UK has to offer.

Smokin' snowboards recently made the trip over with a bunch of their riders and by the looks of the teaser, had a pretty sick time:

Jay Quintin and Smokin' Snowboards UK distributor Duncan Craig made a plan to bring a handful of Smokin' team riders to the United Kingdom for a tour of shops and snow domes. A deal was struck, tickets were bought, and The crew consisting of Deadlung, Kyle Clancy, Jordan Wells, Sakari Lahdesmaki, Matt Mead of Thumprint Media and company founder "Smokin'" Jay had arrived in London. The crew was wrangled together and picked up by Duncan in a rented motorhome for the tour.

The following, soggy week of indoor and carpet shredding paired with typical Smokin' crew antics and creative riding surely left a mark on the English locals.