With the poor snow conditions all over Central Europe for a lot of crews it was pretty hard to find a place to shred. These guys found a spot with just enough snow to create a little playground.

Some of the Czech's finest got together in K2 Freestyle Area in Vitkovice aka Weedkovice and set up a couple creative features on a little chunk of snow. Even though most of them didn't get to go snowboarding this season like they are used to, they were all throwing hammers! Guys proved once again that you don't need much snow to have much fun.

Riders: Kuba Šimůnek, Roman Dlauhý, Darek Bergmann, Lukáš Bendák, Honza Havlíček, Martin Kolařík, David Čonka, Michal Hanuljak, Tomáš Císař, Roman Kuřil a Štěpán Rokos.