#ShredBots y'all. Torstein Horgmo and Brage Richenberg are in summer mode at Woodward Copper for some summer slush stunting, and they're taking the youth of today along for the ride. As well as pointing out some skiers doing some sillys.

It's been a few weeks since we've heard from the snowboard androids, so it's good to see their wildcatting antics back on the big screen (at least if you've got a big monitor).

They've also been joined by temporary-bot Josh Carreola, who must view life like Neo from the Matrix. There's no other logical explanation as to how someone could do a backside 1 to switch 5050 to front board switch-up on a donkey dick. Nooooo way.

The hijinks aren't just limited to the snow though, with a fine warehouse of fun to be found - especially once you work out you can flip into the foam pit.

Where do we sign up?

Oh, and THAT wildcat at the end? Torstein's obviously doing his best to knock the Chinese satellites out of the sky. Has he ever considered a pipe career?