Ahh yes, it wouldn't be a week without the talents of two of Norway's finest. Mr Aleks Østreng and Herr Torstein Horgmo give the keystone park a good old giving over.

Now, there's a few notable things about this edit. Firstly and most importantly, it's really sick. Like, really, realllly sick. Mellow shredding executed with the style of MC Hammer in a discount hardware store. Secondly, there's some lovely colour grading turning those darkest blacks to blues (maybe in a reverse Foo Fighters homage). Thirdly, there's something going on with the filming that we just can't put our fingers on. Best suggestions on the back of a postcard bitte!

But we've digressed as it's the snowboarding you're here for, not our lack of talent in identifying filming technique. Aleks kicks it off with a section that has more flow than the River Nile (backside 180 stair dragger anyone?). Torstein also manages to send a backside sidehit out of the stratosphere, because for the second time today, there's a hella heap o' hangtime on it.

Lovely stuff from Team Shredbot.