"Why do you Shred? Do you do it for the fame? Do you do it for the glory? Do you tweak your grabs for a camera or throw doubles for the judges? Wear this, wear that. Be here, be there. Turns come and go. Lines are decimated and tracked out by the slashes of another. Crowds ravage hidden gems and eventually the sun sets on every perfect session but each hit, each method, each pocket of the pure and untouched builds a collection of times that never die, that never fade as the snow melts. Life is built upon the moments you share and the world you choose to live in. Live in the Shred world and ride for the love of it."

Check out this collection of good times from Nicholas Wolken, Kevin Backstrom, Antti Autti, James Niederberger, Severin Van Der Meer, Lucas Buame and Kent Callister. The Shred crew is stacked and know what's up. Check 'em.