Last week, Shred Bots ended their video hiatus with a wee number coming out of Keystone with Darcy Sharpe, Torstein Horgmo and Craig Gouweloos; and this week we're treated to Brage Richenberg, Anto Chamberland and Alessandro Boyens tearing up Saas Fee. It's a good week!

Saas-Fee is normally one of the resorts of choice for pre-season park laps, or for powder hunting (normally with Fredi K in tow), so we would imagine that they boys are in town for some schnee hunting, Euro style.

Anto is a fireman in his hometown, so obviously he must have spoken to all of the local arsonists and made them promise not to set anything on fire whilst he's gone.

Brage got injured a little into the season, so he's been sidelined for a little bit, so it's super sick to see him back on his stick dropping hammers.

Is this the return of the Shred Bots?