Its the return of the Shred Bots! We must have spoken to soon when we wrote that they release an edit each week, because there's been a Shred Bots hiatus for a few weeks, but they're back and better than ever with some Keystone cruising.

With the competitive snowboard season winding down, it's time for the spring edits to start and we're off to a good un' with this one. We were super impressed with Sy Moran's shredding in some of the previous Shred Bots edits, and his performance on the slopestyle circuit this season.

Torstein Horgmo, as ever, just lays it down. We're really liking the mini-roller combo to kick things off. There's nothing quite like a taste of Scandic board control to kick an edit off. Frontside spins off the toes look incredible from every rider, so to get some from Torstein is always the cherry on the cake.

We think it's Craig Gouweloos going for the double wildcat double nosegrab - a failry inspired trick if you ask us. Hella ballsy and hella stylish.

We did find ourselves wondering whether they had employed a child to film the first section though. Seems like a crazy low angle to film from. Either way, we're stoked to have ShredBots back in the game.