Well that's one way to kick off your Monday morning, thank you very much Scuaballoons! That intro clip was like our commute into Onboard HQ, trying to curl up in a ball and hide our sorry souls from all the suits, too ashamed to lock eyes with anyone after a standard weekend of debauchery. Then we arrived at our desks and everything was fine, we launched of the kicker, got some sweet air time and rolled away smooth into the working week.

Some bangin' shots here as always from the Scuballoon crew, they never disappoint. Fresh coffee, Oslo Vinterpark jibs, jumps and mini pipe, a home-made Forum swallow tail, follow lines, buddy rails, frontflips, eurocarves, handplants, the list goes on! Just get it watched and let the good times roll on.

Easter in Oslo


Henning Andresen

Markus Rustad

Markus Storsveen

Sebastian Nord

Edit: Markus Rustad