Yes, yes! One of our favourite crews of the winter are back with a belter of an edit from the Scandic outpost of summer slushboarding known as Folgefonna. Backflips, pondskims, bails and rail hits - this edit has it all.

Featuring Sondre Dørum, Markus Rustad, Markus Storsveen, Daniel Bø, Henning Andresen and Didrik Christensen having all the fun at Fonna, it's a blitz of exactly what you want from an edit, including a Lovin' Spoonfull backing track.

It goes to show that you don't need the best editing skills, or the best riding to make a standout edit. There's a peculiar kind of osmosis watching an edit like this that just makes you want to ride.

THAT double miller flip attempt is one of the best things to happen since since the Knut Eliasson 'HYPED' headbonk. Although, realistically they probably should have edited that crash to Miley Cyrus' 'Recking Ball', in hindsight.

The bail on the back 180 thing at 0:55 has kicked up a bit of a stink though. One of the OB posse thinks if it was brought to feet, it would be pretty sick, based on the contortion of the body, and the fact that his snowboard is above his head although, he concedes that the grab is in the no-go area of grabs. The other member however, thinks that because of the no-go grab, the entire trick is a write off. Horses for courses though innit...