Epically fun piste shred, mini shred, park shred, and RV shred from this all-time crew of Norwegian bosses.

Our boy Len Jørgensen is back on his board after a 9-month rehab, and he his us up with this hyperfun RV trip edit he and his Norwegian buds made recently.

"Here's a little edit we made from our 2 weeks RV trip. First time back after 9 months of no boarding so that was pretty nice to go sideways again. If you like it and wanna post it, it would be highly appreciated."

Great to see Len's lost none of his mojo in the 9 months he was injured. Him and the Norse homies get back to making snowboarding look like a hell of a fun thing to do.

16-day RV trip in Norway with Len Jørgensen & Øivind Fykse. Also in it: Jessi Blackwell, Tobias Himmelstrup and Simon Houlind.

Film and edit: Martin Stuve Strøm